Introducing...The Herefordshire Chimayó Cocktail

Photo of a tall cocktail glass with the Chimayó cocktail in. Set against a red with black lace backdrop, garnished with apples slices and a cut lemon sits in front of the glass.

There's fat chance that you'll find yourself north of Santa Fé in New Mexico this month (unless of course, you are reading this from your Santa Fé home, in which case - Hola!).

Despite the current cancellation of seemingly EVERYTHING, you can still whip up this firecracker of a cocktail, perfect for a winter's evening (or afternoon, hey - maybe even a morning, if that's how you roll...).

Originating from New Mexico, the Chimayó is believed to have been created by Arturo Jaramillo, owner of the Rancho de Chimayó restaurant in Chimayó, New Mexico in 1965, as a way of using up excess apples.

Well, fortunately for us, apples - or more importantly - cider, is in abundance round here, and as the recipe calls for Cassis, we teamed up with our bezzies at White Heron and Pulp Cider to bring you, good people of the World, the Herefordshire Chimayó; enjoy!

Ingredients (serves 2)

45ml Good quality Tequila

30ml Pulp Apple Cider 

15ml lemon juice (fresh) 

15ml British Cassis 

Garnish: apple slices



Add a generous handful of ice to a tall cocktail glass

Pour in 45ml of tequila

Add 15ml of British Cassis

Pour in 15ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice

Top up with Pulp Apple Cider

Garnish with apple slices

*We've chosen our Pulp Apple Cider for it's 100% Herefordshire apple purity!



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