Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!

Photo of 4 cans and one glass of Pulp cider, and  picnic basket on a sunny day.

You'll be delighted to know that by drinking our cider, you are doing your bit for our beautiful planet! 🌍
Our sustainable methods make us one of the largest cider producers with the smallest production miles in the UK 👊
Our 'Pip to Pint' production cycle all happens within a five mile radius of our farm and our waste pulp is used in local anaerobic digesters to produce clean energy 💡
Quite simply:
The more cider you drink,
the more apples we need.
The more trees we grow,
the more bees we feed.
The more plants they pollinate,
the more life is really great.
The more clean energy we produce
Friends - it's a win-win, chin-chin situation! 🍻
Keep up the good work, Cider Soldiers 💪

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