Duty Changes 2023

Owing to the government’s updated policies surrounding duty rates, we’ve made some changes to our pricing. The changes, which came into effect on 1st August 2023, were implemented “to support the hospitality industry and recognise the vital role pubs play in our communities”.

PULP Cider has made the decision to reduce the ABVs of several fruit ciders to recognise the changes in duty rates and are pleased to announce our Damson, Rhubarb & Strawberry, Pear and Cocktail Ciders have been reduced to 3.4% ABV. There’s no change to the taste profile you’ll be pleased to know, but they’re now available at a more competitive price.

The juicy fruit, combined with our real cider apples creates a delicately sweet, full of flavour, medium bodied tipple with a soft apple nose. Available in 20L bag-in-boxes.

A cider twist on a classic dessert, fresh rhubarb juice and the sweet crushed strawberries blend exceptionally. You’ll be asking for more of this humble pie! Available in 20L bag-in-boxes.

We’ve been for a wander and a little roam and found the perfect combo to craft at home! Delicate and fine this bright pear cider has a crisp clean finish. A delicate blend of our homegrown cider apples, enriched with the smooth, soft sweetness of pears. Delicious! Available in 500ml bottles and 20L bag-in-boxes.

Crushed cranberries and a squeeze of lime, this vodka based lip smacking classic is reassuringly smooth, light and laidback. Sweet ripe fruit and the sour of lime will have you coming back for more! Available in 500ml bottles and 20L bag-in-boxes.

Strawberries, squeezed limes and a kick of rum make Strawberry Daiquiri's one of the most enjoyed cocktails around the world. We've gone one step further and invigorated this refreshing tipple with fresh pressed cider apples, making this is the must drink cider of the season. Whacked over ice or hiding in the shade at a festival, this one is destined to tickle your taste buds come rain or shine! Available in 500ml bottles and 20L bag-in-boxes.

This mango mouth pleaser will have you floating away. A tropical twist on a firm favourite, it’s packed with the juicy fruit, a cheeky rum twist and a kick of lime. This smoothy is one tastebud teasing tongue tickler. Available in 500ml bottles and 20L bag-in-boxes.

This passionfruit punch is packed with all the favourites of the legendary cocktail. The hit of lime smashes through the sweetness of the purple fruit, leaving the light linger of vanilla. Chin, chin, darlings! Available in 500ml bottles and 20L bag-in-boxes.


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(Source: gov.co.uk)

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