Cider Cocktails!

These are definitely ones to go straight in your basket!

Launched as limited editions, these cracking cocktail ciders have been storming their way out of the farm and straight on to hand pulls, proving that some times, limited editions should be unlimited!

Pornstar Martini Cider was first out of the range of cocktail inspired ciders. This incredible passionfruit punch is unrivalled. Packed with all the favourites of the legendary cocktail, Pulp Pornstar Martini Cider explodes as the lime smashes through the sweetness of the purple fruit leaving a light linger of vanilla! Delicious!

Chasing the tail of the Pornstar Martini Cider are our Daiquiris. These two are sublime! Pulp Mango Daiquiri Cider brings it's exotic zing and Pulp Strawberry Daiquiri Cider takes this firm favourite to another level. The smattering of real fruit, cheeky rum and squeezes of lime blend into formidable smooth and refreshing craft cocktail ciders! Whodathunkit! 

Next up is our Cosmo Cocktail Cider, putting our craft cider twist on the classic Cosmopolitan Cocktail. With a shake of our apple trees, refreshing cranberries and a slip of vodka, this crafty cider cocktail spins right out of this world.

Last, but not least, but perhaps the sloe'st to the party, is our Sloe Gin Cider. Kicking off in terrific form, the much anticipated arrival was welcomed by all our lovely customers who patiently waited on the pre-order list. Now in full flow, this incredible blend of our homegrown craft cider has been lavished with a top local craft gin and those smooth autumnal berries! A delicious double whammy, this one can be enjoyed as is, but gently warmed it takes Mulled Cider to a whole new level. 

So whether you're after a cheeky 35 pint box for yourself, or a wholesale pallet order, we've got you covered. Get in touch to find out more, or order online!

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