Celtic Marches and Pulp Cider Co hit the Apple charts (sort of)!

On a beautiful Autumnal afternoon in October, as the dappled sunlight hit our ancient cider apple trees, a sense of magic filled the air, accompanied by the uplifting sounds of a violin and the enchanting melodies of a very special folk song.

Written by Helen Creese

Photo of  female violinist playing in between a line of trees with the sun behind her.


The effects were instant: after months of lockdown, separation from our loved ones and deprivation of all the things we love about life - social interaction, pubs, story-telling over a pint with friends....thelatest number from Herefordshire folk band The Kilpecks began to nurture our souls, lift our spirits, move our bodies and transport us to happier times, leaving us with an overwhelming sense that those days will indeed return.


Photo of Pulp Cider co bottles and apples at the base of a tree.


We first met The Kilpecks at a gig in 2019 (remember those - gigs??!!). The band was looking for a sponsor and we couldn't wait to team up with them. The bands latest single, 'Cider in our Hands' is particularly poignant to us! Take a look at the beautiful video, shot in our orchards by the super talented Jonathan Zaurin from LBS Films...



We caught up with lead singer Joseph Emmett to find out more about The Kilpecks, and 'Cider in our Hands.'


Photo of Joe sat almost in silhouette with fairy lights behind him and cider bottles in the background.


Q. Hey Joe, welcome to Wyer Croft. Tell us, who are The Kilpecks?

A: The Kilpecks are a four piece from the Celtic/Marches... Singer and songwriter Joseph Emmett, singer Lizzie Keylock, Guitarist Tavis Harvey and violinist Claire Edwards. 

Q. Tell us about your relationship with Celtic Marches?

A: The Kilpecks were searching for a sponsor, somebody who wanted to add some fizz to our folk-fuelled music...we just clicked, went out and played a little gig with them and the seeds were planted. 

Q. What inspired the song Cider in Our hands?

A: We love the idea of telling honest and yet rooted stories, often with folky-brutal endings but for once here was a chance to tell a story of a search for cider... I was also off to Greece, to the land of Dionysus and I thought that’s a God who loved his drink but I’d always pictured him with a wine glass in his hand...so I thought 'he needs to try a bit of Herefordshire cider!' 

Q. The video is fab and the setting is stunning - who masterminded the shoot?

It always seemed fitting to combine the glorious orchard with the golden cider...so orchard and fire pit it was. The concept was a joint effort but our film maker Jonathan Zaurin from LBS had the eye for the finer details. 

Q. What was the best bit about making the video? And the worst bit?

A: Best bit was just getting out there amongst the orchard, then sampling the goods around the beautiful Woodee Firepit. The worst bit, other than trying to walk down the rows of trees and not fall over the apples whilst acting, was obviously not being able to get Tavis up from Cornwall but he was there in spirit. 

Q. How has the single and video been received?

A: So far it’s been incredible, a massive thanks to Celtic Marches for supporting this...we truly reckon this song will become a cider classic! There’s talk of it becoming a Herefordshire anthem but more on that later! 

Q. If you could have any 'Cider in your Hand' which one would it be?!

A: Actually, I'm a great fan of the Slack Alice, she seems like she’d like to dance and party at one of our gigs...Oh we miss them! Can’t wait to get back on the stage...

Q. What's next for The Kilpecks?

A: We hope a resumption of gigs at some point...we also have two other tracks waiting to be released. Let’s hope the 2021 is a finer year of socialising and cider-ing!!

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